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Water Will Keep You Alive

Drinking water will literally save your life and keep you healthy

Take water before bedtime - about 90% of heart attacks occur early in the morning & can be reduced if one takes a glass, preferably two glasses of water before going to bed

We Know water is important but never knew about the SPECIAL TIMES one has to drink it! Drinking water at the right time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body

Here is a few very important facts about Water

Glass of water after waking up helps to activate the internal organs

Glass of water 30 minutes before a meal aids in digestion

Glass of water before taking a bath helps lower your blood pressure

Glass of water before going to bed avoids Stroke or heart attack

Dr Schauberger's Hydration protocol supports these water facts 100%

The second most important fact about water is its molecular structure

For optimal hydration at cellular level, it is desirable to present cells with structured water. Chaotic water is not easily absorbed via the phosphorous sheath in the membrane surrounding the cells - and therefore cannot support optimal hydration of cells

Drinking structured water is therefore vital for optimal hydration!

Our Vitality Disc range of Tri-Vortex water discs is perfect for structuring the water in your glass, jar or bottle.

You can structure your water at home with a water Disc & take your water with you as it will maintain its structure for a few days, or you can buy one of our stainless steel bottles that have been treated as well

Please take note that we highly recommend that you use filtered water. it is a well documented fact that chlorinated water is bad for you. Our water supply in some areas is not up to standard either, so best to invest in a water filter or buy filtered water

Water is the well spring of life!

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