Tri-Vortex™ technology is a specialized sound application for natural health and environmental solutions.

The unique equipment is used to treat various types of products and materials for use in different industries. Treated products can be beneficial for pain relief from various conditions without chemical intervention.

The Tri-Vortex stainless steel product range has been treated in a unique Tri-Vortex chamber for over 24 Hours. The treatment process is totally safe - mimicking nature's powerful & logical Rhythms.

Green Gradient


An Absolute Essential

  Pain Relief, Water Conditioning, Clearing Negative & Invasive Energies,

Topical Healing, Skin Conditions, General  Energy Balances and Acupuncture 

are just some of this amazing lasers uses.

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Bold & Beautiful

Improves Vitality & is beneficial for pain relief in hands, wrists, elbows & shoulders.

The subtle energy fields of the Tri-Vortex treated bangle creates improved flow & balance resulting in pain relief & increased vitality.

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Water Discs

Must Have

For Healthy & better tasting water & drinks.

Treat your drinking water by placing a disk under glass or jug for approximately 3-5minutes.

You can also just leave the disk permanently in your water dispenser.

Quality made in Stainless Steel.

Gradient Red Yellow


Male - Female - Unisex

The subtle energy fields of the Tri-Vortex treated Pendant creates improved energy flow & balance - Resulting in pain relief & increased vitality

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Cell phone Disc

Protect Yourself

When you use electrical appliances such as cell phones or cordless phones, electromagnetic waves pass through your body.

These waves have been found to negatively affect the body & can cause illness

with every purchase over 

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