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Exceptional Achievement - Vastly improved growth rate & yield. 

Over the years, many trials and investigations have been performed on plants. Treatment of seeds, treatment of irrigation water, treatment of seedling trays and plant markers etc, have all shown to have dramatic results in the growth rate, health and yield of various types of vegetables, plants and fruit trees. In addition, some scientists have shown big improvement in yields when extracting digestive enzymes from bitter melon plants exposed to the Tri-Vortex products and protocols.
Indeed, it is in this sector that we have realized the enormous benefits that Tri-Vortex can offer.

Advanced Resonance Techniques

Some Results

 The Images Speak For Themselves

Enzyme Yields

Outstanding Quality

Hofigal Scientists investigated the differences in enzyme extraction from two plant samples (V1) and (M). An analysis of the values obtained, shows that the Plants (V1) that were subjected to the powerful properties of the Tri-Vortex products, yielded higher enzyme values

Growth and Vitality in Plants

Seedling Propagation in Treated Trays

Growth and Vitality in Plants

Treatment of only the seeds

Growth and Vitality in Plants

Home Veggies

Water sources &


Beneficiation of Water Sources
Filtration Steps – Tri-Vortex SA

Agriculture & Plant Growth 

Tri-Vortex Technology Protocols for Agriculture and Plant Growth
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