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When the molecules in your cells are in a chaotic state, you experience fatigue, low energy, soreness and most of all pain. When the molecules in your cells are in an ordered and coherent state, you have more energy, vitality, and very little pain. By wearing the Tri-Vortex pendants and bangles, you create coherence at a cellular level, with the benefits as described and as claimed in many testimonials.

Creating Vitality and Good Quality Drinking Water

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Correct Hydration is the foundation to all good health - and using Tri-Vortex will help achieve that goal.


What our customers have to say about how Tri-Vortex relieved their pain

Well, let me tell you what happened next. I stuck the disc with a little strip plaster onto my left knee, which was particularly painful after standing in the shop all day. Now the loo (believe me this is relevant) is situated down a flight of steps in our shopping centre, and I always walked sideways crab-style down the steps as it was always painful bending my knees to go forwards. Anyway, after half-an-hour of wearing the disc, I needed to go to the loo. It was a particularly busy day and I had lots of distractions. So, I ran down to the loo with some urgency. Yes, you read right. Without even thinking about it, I literally ran down the steps. When I realised what had happened I also realised that my pain had lessened considerably!

Dr Lynda M Martin (D Hom)

In my 7th month of pregnancy, I experienced acute back ache in vertebrae L4 and L5, which radiated down the right-hand side of my leg. I wore a disk continuously to relieve the pain. Although the pain never went away completely, it was drastically reduced. If I took the disk off, the pain returned to its normal strength.

Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg (Hom) – 24/04/05

It is with great delight that I write this testimonial for the Tri-Vortex disc.
As a cyclist I have participated in the Argus cycling race a few times, but this year I tried something different. I was introduced to the Tri-Vortex disc and I thought I would wear it during the Argus cycle race this year.
Well, I was really surprised that I did my best time ever and that my knees had almost no pain afterwards (normally they are very sore after such a long race). From an athlete’s perspective, the effects of the Tri-Vortex discs are very beneficial and I am now convinced that this is a magnificent product – If this product is marketed correctly, every athlete will have one – I am convinced of that.

Bev Pape – Johannesburg - April 2005

I started wearing my pendant and treating my water with a Tri-Vortex water disc. It is imperative to drink sufficient water and supplement the body’s mineral levels, exercise and eat a balanced diet.
My first awareness of the effect of the pendant was that I felt like a whirlwind of energy. I was focused and felt positive. People remarked that I glowed, and I noticed that my “spare tyre” was beginning to deflate. 
When I went back for the follow-up SCIO-scanning, Hilda said my thyroid was clear……and that without any medication whatsoever.
I believe that Tri-Vortex was instrumental in achieving that.

Estelle, Port Shepstone – Oct 2010