How to use the Laser

Treat your drinking water or liquids by shining the laser into the liquid for about 1 minute – from top of container onto the surface of the liquid it greatly enhances the quality and taste of the liquid. If used for pain relief, shine the laser onto pain area for approx 2 minutes – repeat a few times a day if required. Other lasers can NOT do what this one can – if it is not marked “geoFusion”, it is NOT recommended for treating of water and for pain relief.

Use the Green Laser



Tri-Vortex treated – The focused laser beam is what carries the subtle energy and makes this Green Laser the premium geoFusion product. Many people have reported fast relief from discomfort, soreness, swelling and pain

The special design allows for continuous use with no overheating and this is ideal since no chaos is transferred into the body or liquids.