Green Laser

 Using Your Trivortex geoFusion

The Tri-Vortex treated geoFusion Laser can safely be used for periods of up to 2 hours at a time.

The closer the laser is to the skin the better the results. Use non-PVC film to cover the front of the laser if you need to work on septic/open/burn wounds or any other unhygienic areas.

1.   Pain Relief
       a.    Direct at the location of pain for approximately 2 minutes
       b.    Target pain using meridian lines (start and end of meridian)

       c.     Repeat a few times a day if required.

2.  Topical Healing of cuts, bruises, scars, burns, etc.

3.  Skin conditions

       a.    Cold sores
       b.    Acne, etc.

4.  Invasive Energies
       a.    To clear the home
       b.    To clear the clinic between clients
       c.    Clearing clients:
                                              *    Over the Stomach/Navel area
                                              *    At the back of the neck
                                              *    Across the whole Aura


5.   Acupuncture

       a.    Use (instead of needles) on acupuncture points as a non-invasive

              but highly effective way to stimulate acupoints.

6.  General Energy Balances
       a.    Aura
       b.    Chakras
       c.    Dantiens
       d.    Extra Vessels
       e.    Meridians & Alarm Points, etc

7.   Improve Eyesight 

       a.    Around the bone of the eye socket, but NOT INTO THE EYES.

8.  “Stillpoint” 

       a.    Getting the being to the place where healing can take place, (when it                  is totally relaxed and at peace), by using the laser for a few minutes                      over each adrenal gland.

9.   Improve Organ Function
       a.    Eg. Detoxification – directly on liver, kidneys
       b.    Indigestion – stomach, colon, etc.
       c.    Lymphatic system - Use over lymph nodes.

10.  Mercury/Amalgam Dental Fillings 

         a.   Dr Sheldon Deal’s research proved that you can seal                                                     mercury/amalgam fillings and stop them from vapoursing for 28 days.                 Shine the laser on each filling for about 1 minute. Be careful not to look                 at the fillings as the reflection from the laser light off the shiny                                 surface of the filling (or from a mirror) can damage your eyes. Aim at                     the filling, look away and then switch on the laser.

11.  Food and Drink 

        a.    Alters the molecular structure of food, drinks, supplements etc. to                         make them more easily absorbable. 


12.  Drinking Water

        a.     Treat your drinking water or liquids by shining the laser into the liquid                     for about 1 minute – from top of container onto the surface of the                           liquid it greatly enhances the quality and taste of the liquid.



WARNING: Do not shine directly into the EYES or directly over the THYROID.

Tri-Vortex treated – The focused laser beam is what carries the subtle energy and makes this Green Laser the premium geoFusion product. Many people have reported fast relief from discomfort, soreness, swelling and pain

The special design allows for continuous use with no overheating and this is ideal since no chaos is transferred into the body or liquids.

 BEWARE  -  lasers without the “geoFusion”, technology just can NOT do what a Trivortex “geoFusion” Laser can , Without  “geoFusion” it is NOT recommended for treating of water and for pain relief.