When you use electrical appliances such as cell phones or cordless phones, electromagnetic waves pass through your body.

These waves have been found to negatively affect the body & can cause illness

The Tri-Vortex disc brings structure to the chaotic environment created by the electromagnetic waves, significantly reducing the effect of the radiation


As with the rest of our range of products, the cell phone disc has been treated in our chamber. Embedded with the advanced resonance techniques, it is able to protect your body from the harmful effects of EMF

Each Packet Contains 4 Units

Use a disc on cell phone or cordless phone or other electronic devices as listed below

Peel the tape of the back of the Disc & stick the Disc on the back of the cell phone cover where battery or power supply is located

Can also be used for I-PODS, PDAs, Cd Players, Game boys e.c.t.


For maximum benefit, replace disk every 9 months on devises that are used continuously



Meridian Testing 22 Jan 2011