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Water that taste Amazing

Once you have tasted the water that has been treated with these disc's, you will never want to drink "normal" water again

Do you just hate drinking water and if given a choice you would much prefer something else...literally anything else! Does this sound familiar? You are not alone, millions of people feel the same way!

The reason why

A liquid with molecular chaos has a sharp and tingly after bite to the human sense of taste. The chaotic molecules of the liquid come in conflict and do not blend with the structured and organised liquids surrounding the tongue and mouth. The tingly or sour after bite of a liquid with molecular chaos is the first form of information and defense to the individual.

We are forcing our bodies to cope without water or with very little water and that's when we start to get ill and all sorts of stuff starts going wrong....

I have just the best news for you. YOU WILL just LOVE water that has been treated with our Water Disc's. The water is smooth, soft and tastes great!

The reason why

A liquid with coherent molecular structure has a smooth and silky sensation to the human sense of taste. The structured and coherent molecules in the liquid combine and blend effortlessly with the structured and organised molecules surrounding the tongue and mouth. The smooth, silky and flowing sensation of a liquid with a coherent molecular structure! Simply awesome! This is the indication that partial or total absorption of water will has occurred. Now you are properly Hydrated!

The solution is just so simple...DRINK STRUCTURED WATER!

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Here is a few reasons to motivate you to start drinking water

There is over 94 diseases related to a state of chronic dehydration.

Regretfully, most people are not aware that water with molecular chaos (and holding chemical elements other than Hydrogen and Oxygen), will not be absorbed by the cells in their bodies, but only sloughed off into vital organs and systems. The impure water with minerals and molecular chaos will be flushed out of the body. However, not all of the unused and unwanted minerals are flushed out and will collect in the lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder - therefore causing complications in those systems and organs.

Health and Vitality are achieved and maintained by hydrating your cells with the most true and simplest compound of the universe – water!

The secondary, auxiliary and peripheral function of water (H20) is to transfer minerals and nutrients to the cells of humans, animals and plants. The primary and most important function of water is to hydrate the cells with the two chemical elements in water – Hydrogen and Oxygen.

For optimal hydration at cellular level, it is desirable to present cells with structured water

Chaotic water is not easily absorbed via the phosphorous sheath in the “membrane” surrounding the cells - and hence can not support optimal hydration of the cells.

The key to proper hydration is that all of the water molecules are absorbed and assimilated into all of your cells.

Proper hydration is vital for your health. In fact, most of us are chronically dehydrated and are not even aware of it (and have never been told how to look out for it).

Our bodies are made up of approximately 73% of water. That's a lot! Yet, we dedicate hardly any effort towards water relating to our health (neither in quantity or quality of water we drink). We take water for granted – as is evident from the crazy diseases and how we pollute our precious drinking water.

Study of Water

We have two world renowned experts on water...Viktor Schauberger and Dr Masaru Emoto who have dedicated their lives to the study of water. They obviously had a lot to say about the incredible characteristics of water – and still their work is ignored because of vested interests.

Water is much more than we ever imagined, and modern research is making that very obvious. It is no longer good enough to simply filter water for drinking purposes!

Time to discuss structured water and why is it so important?

How many of you have had the privilege of tasting spring water directly from a spring. Did you know that before the spring water (from a true spring) breaks through the surface of the earth, it has undergone a tremendous journey. It has tumbled from the sky, down mountain tops, has been absorbed into the earth, has traveled past rocks and sand and minerals, has permeated through different temperature layers.... and....just at the perfect moment and at 4DegC, it pushes up through the earth to form a spring. If you take a drop of this water, freeze it and then examine under a microscope....you will find beautiful snowflake-like shapes. Tap water (even hailed as the best water in the world by various cities) has been collected in stagnant dams, forced through long straight and unnatural pipes under high pressure , pumped into reservoirs and from there to our homes - this tap water did not go through the same vortexing and natural movements to reach maturity, it is stagnant, and sorry to say not ideal for proper hydration....in a nutshell, this water dead! Doing the same kind of ice crystal photography, reveals a shapeless mess instead of beautiful hexagonal shapes…

With the various Vitality Disc products (that have been Tri-Vortex treated), you can expose your filtered or distilled water to these products, and once again create structure in what was previously “dead” water.

Why is structured water a healthier and better alternative ?

  1. All living cells (plant, animal and human), benefit in the following ways from structured water

  2. Proper hydration at cellular level

  3. It creates cellular coherence which means......improved energy flow and improved cellular dynamics.

  4. It reduces acidity

  5. It increases cellular oxygen concentration...demonstrated by an accidental discovery in a laboratory.

  6. Skin cells will better retain moisture and be more elastic.

Proper hydration is the foundation to all good health!

Having thus understood that hydration is of vital importance, do you still think that drinking unstructured water (that will probably just flash through your system) is a good idea ? Would you not want to consider drinking structured water that will benefit you in ways that you cannot even imagine ?

The type of water you drink is a personal choice, but spend as much as you can to make sure you have the best filtration and some means of structuring before you drink – a wise decision it will be !

The Missing Link To Good Quality Water Has Been Found!

Nature has found ways to balance energy through the symbiosis of light, sound and geometry. Recently, we have begun to understand the true power of these incredible forces as is evident in solar energy, hydroelectric power stations & tidal energy turbines..Now we are able to apply the same principles. By A Process Of Bio-Mimicry (copying Geometry In Nature), Our Proprietary Equipment Imparts Natural Resonances Into Products And Materials.

When you experience all the things we say the products can do, then these are typical outcomes...as many many other people have testified over many years.

  • Improved oxygen concentration at cell level.

  • Reduction of acidity.Improved energy flow in meridians.

  • Cellular coherence and resonance = better functioning.

  • So, typically, you will performing at a more optimal level.

  • A better you, is what it delivers...👍🏻

And an added BONUS....the water tastes amazing!


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