Counter top Filter Single Stage



  • Effective removal of a wide range of contaminants

  • Cost effective

  • Extend life & efficiency of carbon (GAC) filters

  • Remains effective at higher water temperatures

Effectively Removes:

  • Chlorine

  • Bad taste & odours

  • Heavy metals

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Iron



Significantly reduces:

  • Arsenic

  • Radon

  • Sediment

  • VOC's


Minimal or no removal of;

  • Nitrates

  • Bacteria & Viruses

  • Fluoride

What is VOC's

Why you need our Water filter!

A volatile organic compound (VOC) has a molecular make-up containing carbon and chemical properties that allow it to be present as a gas under typical room temperature. The term VOC applies to a very broad category of chemicals, and they can be found in many forms in the environment, including both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. VOCs are most often referred to in the context of chemicals that have the potential to affect the environment or human health. Consequently, VOCs are defined in different ways under different environmental, health and safety regulations.


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