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Does your Cell Phone Harm You

Remember the story a few years ago of the egg that was cooked between two eggs. So now we know it was just a hoax...the question remains though if your cell phone is bad for you or not. If it is bad for you, to what extend is the damage? What is the potential health effects of electromagnetic fields on our bodies?

There is quite a bit of opinions on the world wide web, so we decided to do our own study

......and here it is.....you can now make up your own mind whether the use of a cell phone is good or bad for you

We now see kids as young as two on phones and tablets. What is the average time an adult spends on a phone on a weekly basis? You make a decision whether you need to protect yourself 7 your family or not

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Listen to what Denzel Washington has to say about the use of cell phones and what we unknowingly exposing ourselves to

We need to take back control of our lives!!

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