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Science behind Tri-Vortex

We make use of sound wave-forms that have only an electric property (not electro-magnetic as per conventional thinking). We make use of non-magnetic materials - even the steel is non magnetic - this is application driven, but also shows we are not working with magnets - there are no magnetic fields involved.

The Tri-Vortex stainless steel range has 2 functions

  1. To restructure the water to a more coherent and hexagonal shape - this Leads to improved hydration

  2. To create a more balanced flow of energy in the body, resulting in

  • Pain relief

  • improved vitality

  • improved performance

  • and a improved immune capacity

The Range of stainless steel products do not make the water purer ( the purest form of water is distilled water). More correctly, it gives the water some beneficial life supporting properties. Some researchers will refer to most water (and especially tap water) as "dead" water ( this too I will explain at later stage)

Tri-Vortex treatment results in a water that is more "alive" and conducive to supporting biological life forms - hence all the testing we have done to show the results - as you will come to realize, many of these things are hard to prove with conventional science. For us it has been a matter of showing the results rather than breaking our heads on the science.

We cannot only measure the properties of water using the classical scientific analysis - this is very limited thinking and humanity is paying the price for it.

In many of the experiments we have already performed - we show that there are many ways to test how effective this Tri-Vortex technology is. Plants, animals and humans all benefit - not many other technologies can make the same claims - and ours is the only technology that has 2 things no one else can do at the same time - change the taste of juice and take away pain naturally - pretty awesome.

When metals for e.g. are treated with high and low temperatures, their properties can change quite dramatically - even though their chemical formulas haven’t changed! They might look the same, but their properties and characteristics are very different.

So too, as in the pharmacy, when special combinations of chemicals are used they can either have a wonderful or a terrible effect - having them one at a time and separately has a different result - even though in the end, the same chemicals were taken.

Plants and people can respond to their environment very wonderfully - take for example the life of a child that is loved and one that isn’t - they will be worlds apart. A plant that is spoken to in bad language will rot in comparison to one that is spoken to kindly.

So we agree that living things can respond to emotions or feelings. Some like to call it energy - as in the sayings - "they give you a bad vibe" or their energy is "soft, gentle , harsh, aggro etc" - you get the picture ?

At the risk of getting too technical, let me simplify.

All of life consists of energy - sound, light, energy - they are ALL the same thing. Atomic particles moving is a description of energy - hot water has particles moving very fast = a lot of energy.

At Tri-Vortex we have special computer equipment and unique chambers that do the following :

We copy (or try our best to) or mimic the natural patterns or energy fields in nature - the way that things grow (and here is a great Geometry lecture) follow certain patterns and shapes. We have found a way to take these shapes and convert them into sound or audio waves (sound energy). These specialized sound waves are amplified and sent into the chambers via special aerials on each side of the chamber.

When we place products (metals, leather, plastic, creams, gels etc) inside these chambers for 24 hours - they come out with unique characteristics. These awesome characteristics are pro-life and (from the results page) have benefits to plants, animals and humans. These benefits are roughly described on the website - what the different products are used for…

Water is indeed a great mystery and science doesn’t come close to understanding it properly - not by a long way.

Most of the things that science can measure, wont change by placing a Tri-Vortex treated product in or under the water. However, there are a few measurable things that do change :

  • Absorbance at approx 290nm (UV range)

  • Structure of the ice crystals formed when treating water with a Tri-Vortex disc.

  • After 1 hour the conductivity of the water changes…

  • The effects on health of plants, animals, humans

  • And Im sure many others -

Just because science don’t always have the answers, does not make things unworthy or untrue. Miracles are examples of the things that science cant explain –there are approx 50 perfectly normal questions about natural phenomena that science have not answered since the 1930’s