Hydrate Cells To Health & Vitality

July 5, 2018

The missing link to good quality water has been found!


Health and Vitality are achieved and maintained by hydrating your cells with the most true and simplest compound of the universe – water!


The secondary, auxiliary and peripheral function of water (H20) is to transfer minerals and nutrients to the cells of humans, animals and plants. The primary and most important function of water is to hydrate the cells with the two chemical elements in water – Hydrogen and Oxygen. The key to proper hydration is that all of the water molecules are absorbed and assimilated into all of your cells.


Today,  there are several myths and misconceptions about pure or distilled water that are based upon partial or half truths. This article provides the reader with important details about choosing the proper drinking water for themselves and their families. Science tells us that approximately 73% of our bodies consist of water – the question must then surely be – what is the quality of the water we are drinking and nourishing our bodies with – is the water we are drinking in a state of chaos or has it got coherent molecular structure ?


The intelligence of water and the importance of superior quality drinking water (structured water) have been highlighted in many articles and journals all over the globe. As our civilization propels into the early 21st century there are numerous individuals, groups and corporations researching or selling water that promote the misconception that the primary function of water is to transfer minerals into the body. These same people have misdirected and muddled the primary function of water by over emphasizing the importance of the pH levels (acid or alkaline) in water...


People believing these illogical theories, mistakenly conclude that water with minerals or “clusters” and/or at a certain pH level, provides optimum health. These individuals, do not understand the value and purpose of pure water with only the essential chemical elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen present - regardless of the pH level. Pretty Water ....... But Of No Value!


Also available on the world market today are water items featuring “clusters” , but cluster water does not have anything to do with coherent molecular structure. Some individuals have mistakenly assumed that the presence of clusters in water also means that the water has coherent molecular structure. Cluster water is in no way equal to pure fresh rainwater or distilled water that has been coherently structured.


We are now well aware that chlorinated water presents a major health risk – findings from the 1930’s have repeatedly shown that chlorine causes cancer, and yet we still chlorinate and fluoridate our drinking water. For those of us who can afford it, we now filter our drinking water, thinking that we are finally drinking “good” quality water. What most people don’t understand is that this filtered water (or even distilled water) is still chaotic or unstructured. In the universe, in nature and in our bodies, systems only function normally when there is structure.


For optimal hydration at cellular level, it is desirable to present cells with structured water – chaotic water is not easily absorbed via the phosphorous sheath in the “membrane” surrounding the cells - and hence can not support optimal hydration of the cells.


Municipal and processed (distilled, RO, desalinated etc) water is devoid of structure and can be categorized as dead water. For the body to function at its peak, it is not only important to drink enough water (that being 1.5 liters per 50 kg body weight - daily), it is also vital that this water be of good quality and structure.


Sadly, when companies send their water for testing and approval, all that is analysed are the chemical and bacterial constituents of the water. This really says nothing about the quality of this drinking water for health.


From the pictures below, we can see the effect “dead” water on living material: On the right, a rose was placed in plain distilled water – dying after 3 days. On the left, a rose that was placed in the same distilled water – but, this sample of the distilled water had coherent structure – the rose was still looking good after 13 days !


Surely this picture speaks a thousand words and shows the importance of structure in water!



So how does one know if water is in a state of chaos or whether it has coherent structure ?


A liquid with molecular chaos has a sharp and tingly after bite to the human sense of taste. The chaotic molecules of the liquid come in conflict and do not blend with the structured and organised liquids surrounding the tongue and mouth. The tingly or sour after bite of a liquid with molecular chaos is the first form of information and defense to the individual. 


Regretfully, most people are not aware that water with molecular chaos (and holding chemical elements other than Hydrogen and Oxygen), will not be absorbed by the cells in their bodies, but only sloughed off into vital organs and systems. The impure water with minerals and molecular chaos will be flushed out of the body.  However, not all of the unused and unwanted minerals are flushed out and will collect in the lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder  - therefore causing complications in those systems and organs.


A liquid with coherent molecular structure has a smooth and silky sensation to the human sense of taste. The structured and coherent molecules in the liquid combine and blend effortlessly with the structured and organised molecules surrounding the tongue and mouth. The smooth, silky and flowing sensation of a liquid with a coherent molecular structure, is the first and most important indication that partial or total absorption of the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules of the liquid will occur. 


Ideal water is water that has the purity of rainwater and the coherent molecular structure of freshly cut carrot juice. 


And Such A Valuable And Important Water Does Exist Today : Tri-Vortex is such an example.




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