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Tri-Vortex is a chemical free innovation that uses a bio-mimicry process to impart naturally optimised resonances into materials. 

Tri-Vortex uses proprietary frequency techniques and software to create these subtle energy products.

These combined processes can best be described as “electromagnetic tempering”.


Soccer Ball Pendant

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Stainless Steel Pendant

Improves Vitality & is beneficial for pain relief


  • 30 mm diameter
  • Supplied with stainless steel chain/Black cord

Tri-Vortex Technology

This unique product has been manufactured using the latest Tri-Vortex production processes and equipment! To achieve the efficacy for pain relief and vitality, this pendant have spend up to 24hours in our Tri-Vortex resonant Chamber.

The subtle energy fields of the Tri-Vortex treated Pendant creates improved energy flow & balance – Resulting in pain relief & increased vitality.

The treatment process is totally safe – mimicking nature’s powerful & logical rhythms.

Use Instructions

This polished 316 Stainless steel pendant can be worn around your neck or, for specific pain relief, place the pendant as close as possible to the problem area – e.g.: foot, knee, elbow, stomach ect..

You can use your own chain or chord if so desired. The pendant can safely be worn 24/7 and is suitable for all ages 8 to adult.

Pain relief levels can vary and is normally within 20 minutes to 24 hours

The pendant is non magnetic and are effective 2+years

You can wear the pendant all the time & only remove when bathing.

For specific pain relief, place the pendant as close as possible to the problem area – e.g.: foot, knee, elbow, stomach ect..

For best result we recommend that the pendant be used in conjunction with proper re-hydration with recommended protocol for water & salt intake. Please refer to our Water disk for instruction on re-hydration protocol

It is safe to use for pets & other animals

What to expect:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved vitality
  • Improved energy
  • Improved Performance

Care Instructions:

  • To clean – use luke warm water and soap if needed.
  • Do not immerse in boiling water
  • Do not engrave on the pendant
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